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With the use of our specialist covert vehicle trackers JYY will provide you with accurate tracking of vehicles or assets from anywhere in the world, from your smart phone or computer. You will be able to view the location and speed of the vehicle, and a full history of the vehicle’s movements, when the vehicle has stopped, and how long it stopped for. You can also zoom in to see the lay-by, house or hotel where the vehicle is located. We will covertly deploy manage and extract the tracker. Providing you with a detailed report and 24/7 support.

Our state of the art covert easy to conceal GPS/GPRS/GSM and RF tracking solutions have been exclusively designed for the covert tracking of vehicles, persons and assets. We can accurately track anywhere in the world in real time. Trackers can be deployed covertly for long periods; our trackers work across the globe using GPS/ GPRS/RF and GSM, using the latest cutting-edge mapping technologies from Google to Microsoft.


This is available to all clients via an easy to use online private panel and combines state-of-the-art 3D maps, satellite images and aerial photography. Users can easily switch map types to suit their needs.

£100 per day