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Litigation Funding Reports

JYY have been providing due diligence reports to litigation funders for more than 7 years. These reports allow funders to make informed decisions when considering any potential investment.

Motor Finance Miss-Selling


In 2018 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigated the Motor Finance market. They concluded that the market was characterised by a culture of profiteering and reckless behaviour by the parties involved in the sale of motor finance.

In conjunction with our legal team, we have concluded that most motor finance agreements sold in the past few years are highly likely to have been mis-sold with purchasers of this finance entitled to receive financial redress as a result.


The principal areas of concern are:

  • The existence of a secret commission paid to the broker or intermediary by the finance lender; and

  • The absence of credit worthiness checks on the borrower to determine their ability to service the loan.


Using our deep forensic skill set and legal input, we analyse the source documents and agreements to calculate how much compensation is likely to be due to the customer who has suffered from this mis-selling. We identify whether the process applied in the sale of a motor finance agreement conformed with the applicable regulations in place at that time and analyse and identify relevant breaches together with a determination of the likely loss suffered by the customer because of these breaches. Using our extensive skills derived from investigating financial misfeasance of all types, we can produce a clear and robust report which will assist the claimant’s lawyer in obtaining financial redress for their clients.

Plevin Matters

JYY produce export reports for Undisclosed Commission Cases, typically known as ‘Plevin’ claims. We review source documents to determine if compensation is due to the claimant where compensation is due because of the failure to disclose any commission included in payment protection insurance products. A report from JYY enables the solicitor to progress a valid claim.


A ‘Plevin’ case can be made against the provider of any payment protection insurance product which has not had a previous claim upheld 


The FCA consider that a PPI policy with an undisclosed commission value higher than 50% may be due financial recompense. Considering that the average commission is deemed to be circa 67%, there is potential for the majority of previously rejected PPI claims and uncovered PPI policies to receive a redress pay-out.


JYY’s extensive experience in conducting complex financial enquiries means that we are perfectly placed to undertake this work on behalf of solicitors and claimants pursuing these cases.


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