Insolvency Investigations

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Creditors, debtors, companies facing financial crisis, financial institutions asserting or facing potential claims and insolvency practitioners, such as appointed liquidators, trust our team of insolvency investigations specialists to handle the most complex and high-profile restructurings and corporate collapses.

We work on behalf of office holders, including insolvency practitioners and directors, in the context of any insolvency litigation by drawing on our extensive experience of fraud and accounting investigations, as well as asset-tracing and expert witness work. Our team pursue defended claims both for and against insolvent companies and directors. We work with in-house counsels and/or appointed lawyers to ensure you are successful in achieving your goals, whether that be to win the litigation, trace a debtor, recover assets or successfully complete an acquisition.

In addition, we have a partnership with one of the UK’s leading commercial asset valuers and insolvency agents and provide specialist advice to corporate recovery professionals and the Official Receiver regarding insolvent companies and individuals.

Price varies according to task & jurisdiction